Thursday, April 28, 2011

JC's Saltwater Flies

It is always very trilling to tie many different type of pattern flies for different type of fishing conditions and fishes too. It always trill me to try out tying new patterns. These are some new flies pattern that I learn and tied for the Saltwater Fly Fishing for my friends going to Maldives and also to Pekan - for Sailfish.

These are the flies for my friends that went to Fly Fish in Maldives in March 2011. They are hunting for Bonefish, Giant Travelly, Bluefins, Grouper, Snapper, ....and many more. Most of the flies are tied using Gamakatsu and Orvis hooks - size #4, #2 and #1.

 These are the Hermit Crab Flies and Shrimp Flies for Maldives. The color the fish there love is OLIVE. Especially Fly Fishing from the beach or shore. This fly pattern was shown and taught to me by my Sifu (Dron Lee). He is really our Malaysian Master Fly Tier. These flies are really a great pattern for Saltwater fishing and yummy to the fish.

 The Clouser flies are the most effective fly - whether for Freshwater or Saltwater fly fishing. Fish just love them. These Clousers are tied using Slinky Fiber. Looks very beautiful when it swims in the water.

These are Musky flies for GT, Bluefins, etc. Widely use for Saltwater fly fishing...whether by the shore, at the beach or on the boat in deep sea.

 These are Avalon flies. It was develop and created for Fly Fishing in Cuba. Learn on tying this pattern from Hans van Klinken (the Master Tier for Klinkhammer flies). It is a Cray fish Fly pattern. It is unique for its rattling beads and weight. I love tying this Avalon fly pattern. Really unique and beautiful fly.

 This is my favorite Shrimp flies. Very effective for Freshwater and Saltwater fishing. Love tying Shrimp flies too. I adore the various Shrimp fly patterns.

 These are Candy Flies. Taught by Dr Ling to tie for his Maldives trip for Bonefish.

 Merkin Crab flies are use for beach Fly Fishing where there are corals around. Mostly for medium size range of fish and coral fish too. But if there are a school of Bonefish around, I'm sure they will love the Crabs.

 This is a Squimp Fly that was told by Dr Ling to tie for him. Self taught to tie this pattern.

 Fuzzling with the dubbing...these is the Fuzzle Flies I tied. This pattern is to imitate the Bait fish. Kinda cool for me 1st time tying this flies and pattern.

 Popper flies are also my favorite pattern to tie. As U get to design your artistic skills in drawing and coloring the popper head. Then you will wonder how you want to dress up your popper head with the materials. It is really interesting for me each time tying the Popper fly.

 This is the Chartreuse Kinky Bunker fly for bigger fish like Sailfish, Dorado, Cobia..etc. They are tied using Gamakatsu hook size #6/0 and #7/0.

The PINK Thing Fly is also tied for the big fish game, using hook size #6/0 & #7/0.

Yellow Green Deceiver fly - a pattern from Lefty Cray's collection of Saltwater flies. It is a beautiful fly. This pattern can be use for Freshwater and Saltwater fly fishing. It also can be tied from small hook size #8 to a bigger hook size #8/0. 

Saltwater fly fishing is always an interesting game. Especially going with a group of friends to have fun & laughter. Looking forward for Saltwater Fly Fishing....specially to Maldives.  :-)

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Vagabond Fly Box Project (Freshwater flies)

These are the flies that I tie for the Vagabond Fly Box Project - contributing to Joe & Terry's project development. The flies that I have tied here are Cricket flies, Stone flies, Parachute Mayflies, my popular Shrimp flies and a little contribution for my friend, Adrian - Yellow Stealth Bomber & Green Bug Flies. The flies photos have been posted in the forum page in Facebook today. Now waiting for the members respond in regards to the challenge in taking up the flies to hook up some fish. Who will be the first candidate?