Step-by-Step Tying Orange Betta Fish Fly

 Out of the blue, one day I started to have an imagination in tying a Betta Fish Fly. I understand that not many fly tiers that tie this fly pattern or fish with it. However, this fly works similar like other bait fish. Tying this pattern is easy and less materials used.

 Tying Materials
• White Thread (70 denier) / Clear Monofil Thread.
• Mustad C52S Stinger Hook (size 1).
• Orange Marabou (Blood Quill).
• Orange Slinky Fiber.
• Mirage Eyes.
• Bug-Bong Multipurpose UV Cure Resin – Original.

Tying Steps
Step 1
• Insert and secure the hook into the vise.

Step 2
• Wrapped the thread onto the hook.
• Wrap the thread over the hook shank towards the hook bend.

Step 3
• Take 1 Orange Marabou Blood Quill and pinch it at about the same length as the hook shank.
• Tie it onto the hook shank.

Step 4
• Take another Orange Marabou and tie it onto the side of the hook shank.
• Tie another Orange Marabou to the other side of the hook shank.

Step 5
• Tie a pinch of Orange Slinky Fiber on the hook shank, in front of the Marabou.

Step 6
• Turn the vise of the hook upside down.
• Tie another pinch of fiber onto the hook shank.

Step 7
• Repeat the Step 5 & 6 in tying the fiber towards the hook eye.

Step 8
• At the hook eye whipped finish and knot the thread.

Step 9
• Take a pair of the Mirage Eyes and stick/ glue them on both side of the fly (behind the hook eye).

For finishing of the fly, use the Bug-Bond Multipurpose UV Cure Resin to shape the Betta fish fly body and head. This is quite similar to an epoxy but better. It is easy to use. It dries up fast and the fly does not feel oily after dry or turn yellowish after fishing with it, or put too long in the fly box.
Step 10
• Lightly squeeze the BB UV Cure Resin to shaped the Betta fish fly body and head.
• Do it slowly and part-by-part until the hook bend.

Step 11
• Cut a few strands of Marabou and use the BB UV Cure Resin to stick onto the fly body (top & bottom).
• Use the UV Flashlight to cure/ dry the UV Cure Resin when shaping the Betta Fish fly. When the fly is totally dry, the fly is done.

Now the Betta Fish fly is ready to go to catch some fish!


  1. This is really art. Great tying sifu.

    1. Thank you Uncle Ng. Me no sifu. I'm still learning here. :-)