Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Dressing Up Yourself with Beautiful Flies

Flies are not just meant for fly fishing or just to catch the eyes of the fish. Flies can also catch the eyes of many people - YOU and ME. But it needs to be pretty, looks awesome, and attractive colors to capture our eyes. I have been thinking for some while on how do I capture the eyes of the Anglers and also the NON-Anglers as well...which I came out with some Flies Accessories for decoration. Below are a few of my ideas on tying the Fly Accessories for various decoration.

Various Popper Fly Key Chain can be designed mixed with some feathers, furs, or synthetic fibers. It looks more attractive with the colored Key Chain holders. The Popper Fly can be tied onto various type of design Key Chain holders.

Clouser flies can also be tied as a Handphone accessories for decoration. With the striking color of the Clouser fly, the accessory looks very pretty for your phone, bag, purse, bookmark, and other items for decoration.

 It looks pretty yummy too when it comes to Christmas. A few Candy Can flies can be tie for decoration as well - just that it will not be minty....LOL. But it will looks awesome to be decorated on your Christmas tree.

Girls would always love wearing some trendy earrings. One of my specialty earrings is the pair of Black & White Tribal Fly Earrings.

When come Christmas, other than tying the Candy Cane fly as a handphone decoration, it can also be tie to a pair of earrings. The earrings will be slightly weighted.

A Mouse Fly would look very nice and interesting to be tie into a chain lanyard.

With many ideas and creativity, flies can not only be tie as a bait for fishing. But it can also be tie into many different type of accessories - that it becomes a human bait. So, look forward for my next creation of some Fly Accessories to come. 


  1. What lovely flies my daughter would love to tie some earings do you have any idea where I could get the blanks from ?

  2. Ekayjeep,
    You can get those from accessories shops selling necklace, hair accessories, or even in hadicraft shops.