Step-by-Step Tying Long Tail Damsel Nymph

The damsel nymph is related to the Dragonfly that are normally found in most of the freshwater systems. However, it is loved by many predator fish.

Tying Materials
 • Olive Green Thread (70 denier).
• Tiemco 3761 Nymph Hook (size #6).
• Dark Green Holo Tinsel.
• Marabou (Blood Quill) – Olive/ Moss Green.
• Bead Chain – Silver/ Black.

Tying Steps
Step 1 
•  Insert and secure the hook into the vise.
•  The hook has to be insert at the right depth into the vise.

Step 2 
•  Wrapped the thread onto the hook.
•  Wrap the thread over the hook and around the shank.

Step 3
•  Tie a pair of the bead chain eye behind the hook eye.

Step 4
•  Wrap the thread towards the hook bend.
•  Cut about 13 cm of the Holo Tinsel and tie it onto the hook bend.

Step 5
•  Pull 2 strands of Marabou. Tie the Marabou onto the hook shank near the hook bend.
•  The Marabou tail should be 1.5 length size of the hook.

Step 6
•  Wrap the Holo Tinsel along the Marabou tail (from front to back and back to front).

Step 7
•  Wrap the hook shank with the balance of the Marabou towards the hook eye.

Step 8
•  Wrap the Marabou on top and below the bead chain eyes towards the hook eye.
•  Then trim off the balance.

Step 9
•  Whip finish the thread behind the hook eye and knot it.

The nymph fly is ready to hook up some fish!



  1. Good idea and nice fly,( I do like your fly pattern, you're a great fly tyier)
    P.S. I have de same back image for my blog association.

  2. Awesome pattern! Thank you for sharing!!