Step-by-Step Tying Slinky Anchovy Fly

 This Slinky Anchovy Fly imitates the Anchovy fish in the saltwater. When fishing extremely heavy schools of bait, you need a fly which matches the bait but stands out from the rest. One thing these baits all have in common is they flash. In large schools these fish dart, turn and leap out of the water when pursued by larger fish. Sunlight strikes their silvery sides and reflects back a flashy, shimmering effect in the water.

Tying Materials
 • White Thread (70 denier) / Clear Monofil Thread.
• Mustad C70SD Saltwater Hook (size 2/0).
• Silver Holographic Fly Fiber.
• White Slinky Fiber.
• 3D Eyes Epoxy.
• Bug-Bong Multipurpose UV Cure Resin – Original.

Tying Steps
Step 1
• Insert and secure the hook into the vise.

Step 2
• Wrapped the thread onto the hook.
• Wrap the thread over the hook shank toward the hook eye. Then wrapped backward towards the front of the hook point.

Step 3
• Cut a pinch of the White Slinky Fiber and measure the fiber, so that they are two to two and a half times of the length of the hook.
• Tie the fiber onto the hook shank, slightly in front of the hook point.

Step 4
• Turn the vise so that the hook point faced up.
• Tie another pinch of Fiber onto the hook shank.

Step 5
• Repeat Step 3 & 4, to slowly build the body of the Anchovy fly towards the hook eye.

Step 6
• Cut about 3 to 4 strands of the Silver Holographic Fly Fiber.
• Tie them on the front of the Slinky Fiber by the side of the fly body.

Step 7
• Turn the hook upside down and tie another 3 to 4 strands of the Silver Holographic to the other side of the fly body.

Step 8
• After tying the Silver Holographic, tie a pinch of the Slinky Fiber behind the hook eye (top and bottom like Step 3 & 4).

Step 9
• At the hook eye whipped finish and knot the thread.

Step 10
• Take a pair of the 3D Epoxy Eyes and stick/ glue them on both side of the fly (behind the hook eye).

Now to finish the fly, use Bug-Bond Multipurpose UV Cure Resin to build half of the Anchovy's body and head. It works like an epoxy. It dries fast, easy to use, and does not feels oily after dry or turn yellowish after fishing or put long in the fly box.
Step 11
• Lightly squeeze the BB UV Cure Resin to shaped the Anchovy’s body and head.
• Do it slowly and part-by-part until the hook bend.

Step 12
• Use the UV Flashlight to cure/ dry the UV Cure Resin when shaping the Anchovy fly. Once it is completely dry, the Anchovy fly is done.

Now the Anchovy fly is ready to go and catch some fish!

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