Step-by-Step Tying Turkey Tail Nymph

This nymph imitate the Mayfly nymph that are normally found in the river. It is loved by many predator fish. This pattern is also similar to the Pheasant Tail Nymph fly pattern.

Tying Materials
• Brown Thread (70 denier).
• Mustad Nymph Hook (size #4).
• Lead Wire .015.
• Brown Rubber Legs.
• Ozark Turkey Tail – Cinnamon Tip.
• Peacock Herl– Natural.
• Brown Dubbing.

Tying Steps
Step 1
  • Insert and secure the hook into the vise.
  • The hook has to be insert at the right depth into the vise.

  • Step 2
  • Wrapped the thread onto the hook.
  • Wrap the thread over the hook and around the shank toward the hook bend.

  • Step 3
    •  Wrapped the lead wire ½cm behind the hook eyes.

    Step 4
    •  After wrapping the lead wire behind the hook eyes, wrap the thread over it to secure it onto the hook shank.

    Step 5
    •  Cut a few strands of Ozark Turkey Tail and tie them onto the hook bend.

    Step 6
    •  Wrap the Turkey Tail along the hook shank towards the lead wire.

    Step 7
    •  Tie a few strands more of the Turkey Tail and wrap towards the lead wire.

    Step 8
    •  Slowly build the nymph body behind the lead wire.

    Step 9
    •  Tie a few strands of Peacock Herl onto the lead wire.

    Step 10
    •  Wrap a thin layer of the Brown Dubbing on the thread and whine it over the lead wire.
    •  Wrap the dubbing over half of the lead wire.

    Step 11
    •  Cut 2 strands of Brown Rubber leg (2 cm in length).
    •  Tie the rubber legs onto each side of the thorax.

    Step 12
    •  Continue to wrap the dubbing over the thorax.

    Step 13
    •  Wrap the dubbing towards the hook eye.

    Step 14
    •  Pull all the Peacock herl strands to the front and tie it right behind the hook eye.

    Step 15
    •  After tying down the Peacock herl behind the hook eye, whip finish the thread. The Nymph is done!

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