Step-by-Step Tying Fringe Minnow Fly

 When fishing extremely heavy schools of bait, you need a fly which matches the bait but stands out from the rest. One thing these baits all have in common is they flash. Their colors strikes out when this fish dart, turn and swim in schools. Sunlight strikes their silvery sides and reflects back a flashy, shimmering effect in the water.

Tying Materials
• White Thread (60 denier) / Clear Monofil Thread.
• O'Shaughnessy Hook (size #1).
• Synthetic Polar Fiber - White.
• Fringe Wing - Coral.
• 3D Eyes 8mm - Mirage.
• Bug-Bong Multipurpose UV Cure Resin – Original.

Tying Steps
Step 1 
•  Insert and secure the hook into the vise.

Step 2 
•  Wrapped the thread onto the hook.
•  Wrap the thread over the hook shank toward the hook eye.

Step 3 
•  Cut a pinch of the Coral Fringe Wing and measure the fiber, so that they are two to two and a half times of the length of the hook.
•  Tie the fiber onto the hook shank, slightly in front of the hook point.

Step 4 
•  Turn the vise so that the hook point faced up.
•  Tie a pinch of the White Synthetic Polar Fiber onto the hook shank (on top of the Fringe Wing).

Step 5 
•  Repeat step 3 & 4, by tying the fiber towards the hook eye.

Step 6 
•  At the hook eye whipped finish and knot the thread.

Step 7 
•  Take a pair of the 3D eyes and stick/ glue them on both side of the fly (behind the hook eye).

Step 8 
•  Use the Bug-Bond UV Cure Resin to shaped the Minnow fly’s head.

Step 9 
•  Slowly cover the Minnow fly’s head with the Bug-Bond Original resin.
•  Cover the UV resin until right behind the fly eyes.

Step 10
• Use the UV Flashlight to cure/ dry the UV Cure Resin after coating over the fly’s head. Then the Minnow fly is done!

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